Friday, September 23, 2011


So I've been thinking.... why is it that as women particularly... we constantly belittle ourselves? why is it that if we don't look like like a superficial barbie doll, if we dont look the like the way too skinny, air brushed toothpicks plastering themselves all over the media... we don't think we are good enough? guess what... THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT EITHER!!! so why to we want to look like them? if we all looked like that this would be sad, boring, pathetic world full of walking toothpicks who are totally unsure of themselves. what kind of world would that be? a crappy one for sure!! why is it in our nature to only see what we don't like. why is that we don't think we are good enough for some guy? & what makes him better than us? & why is is ok for others to confirm that? who gave some other imperfect girl the right to tell someone that the boy they like it sooo out of their league & they will never be good enough. its ridiculous! and totally unacceptable! why cant we all just believe the TRUTH? WE AS WOMAN ARE BEAUTIFUL! WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH! why do we tear each other down to make ourselves feel better? why does making someone else feel like dirt seem to make others happy & feel good about themselves. being a jerk DOES NOT make you superior to anyone else! how can that make anyone feel good. when i'm totally being a jerk & make someone feel bad...even if i didnt mean to, i feel sick to my stomach & want to go make them cookies to apologize. I cant fathom how some woman find joy in tearing others down. we are ALL good enough. there is no one "out of our league" cuz there are NO leagues! who is to say who is in what league? who decides this? its just another one of Satan's sick twisted tricks on society so we believe the worst of ourselves. so we cant see the good within because we are so consumed with our imperfections of our body. The BEAUTIFUL body that God gave us. one of his most precious gifts to us... and because of Satan's hold on the world we are told to believe that what God himself CREATED FOR US is not good enough! well that's bogus! God DOES NOT make mistakes! He created out bodies individually for us.... the way He needed them to be FOR us! He had our best interest at heart when he created us. we all just need to believe that WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH! EACH & EVERY ONE OF US! cuz guess what...its the absolute truth! & I am going to tell you what i KNOW about me! 
2) I am Beautiful!
3) I am here on earth for a purpose!.
5) I am a special daughter of God!
6) I am unique.
7) I have the ability to do GREAT things with my life!
8) I will not let anyone else define me! that is MY job! 
9) I belive in myself! it doesn't matter what other people think & say... it matters what I think! 
10) I am a good person. 
11) I am capable of making good decisions for myself that will affect my life!
12) I am Smart.
13) I am grounded in the Gospel!
14) I have a strong testimony! 
15) I am an individual. 
16) I am most comfortable on a horse on the roof of my house!
17) I am a cowgirl at heart. 

    Am i conceited? NO WAY!
    Am i learning who i am & how to love myself? DEFINITELY!

Am I a goober? 


Did i successfully Graduate High School?

Do I love & look up to my sisters?

very much so!

Am I happy?

Am I Beautiful?

Am I good enough? Am I worth it?

He KNOWS I am. & I trust Him! :)
So the answer is a resounding YES! :)

Well, those are my thoughts for now. thanks for reading! :) 

Peace :)